Saturday, January 4, 2014


A new year? Sure feels like the same old shit to me! I'm hoping to change things in the next few months. New Years resolution?! Fuck a bunch of that! I'm just trying to live my life the way I want.
So we will see what happens from here...

Thursday, July 11, 2013


My new life!

Well my life has sure taken a big turn in a year. I got my GED and getting ready to go to school. I had been putting that off for far toooo long. My average score was 514/450. Pretty proud of myself.
I'm not gonna lie, I do miss all my friends. But I know I did that to myself. My biggest regret is, loosing Shani! I'm so happy that her and Shawn are happy. I just wish they understood that I mean that!!! They were two of the most important people in my life. Why wouldn't I want them to be happy?! I love and miss them both. No matter what happens I always will!!!
Been really involved in my Church. Was in Celebration of Easter and Celebration of America, their productions they put on every year. I'm having a blast!! I have met one of my new very good friends there. Rachel has become a big part of my life. She is the daughter of Wendy, the one who took such good care of Shawn when his own mother wouldn't. I'm so glad to have them both in my life.
Right now I'm not sure I would change a thing. Well, I take that back! I know one thing. But that will never happen!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


All I can think about latley is how much I miss him! His cock in my mouth, his hands on my breasts, his fingers squeezing my nipples, etc. I'm so lost in my world right now! He comes up with every excuse not to come visit me and his family, let alone our lil girl puppy! We are'nt together so why does he feel he must lie to me? Grow up and be a man, tell me the fucking truth for once!!! Ugh!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Afternoon Shower

    The warm water cascaded over her head, through her auburn hair, running the length of her ass crack. Drops trickled and tickled down her nipples. She clasped her fingers around her neck and massaged it firmly; slowly moving one hand down to her right breast squeezing it unyieldingly. All she could think of was that morning in bed before he left for work. His hard cock rubbed the outside of her black spandex leggings from behind her. She wanted him to take her right then! She would have to wait. Her petite fingers moved from her neck down towards her cleanly shaven pussy. She caressed it softly, slowly dipping in her index and middle fingers. All the while, thinking of his hard pole entering her from behind. She worked at her hot sex with even more vitalitty.
    Her eyes closed and head back; she compressed her thighs together around her hand. Clutching her chest even harder, she toiled with her box getting it drenched with her own juices. She was as wet as the water falling all around her. The water coursed down her body. The soapy bubbles delighted her velvety skin. Her sopping wet hair fell all over her face. She bit her lower lip in pleasure. She thought of him scratching his nails up and down her hip and side. His strong hand took hold of her breast and pinched her nipples between his fingers. She let out a thunderous moan. Putting her right leg up on the lip of the tub she prodded at her snatch with her fingers. 
     Swaying her head to her left side, she pushed her chin to her shoulder and rolled back from her cheek to ear. She was in such bliss. She could feel his lips press against the nape of her neck as he slid ridged in and out of her pink pouch. His teeth forgivingly bit her shoulder. Her mind was whirling. She was almost there. She could feel it building. Her hand moved from her titty up her chest and neck to her hair. She ran her fingers through her hair and tugged it with strength; as she labored at her sopping sachet with vigor. Like lightning through her body all at once, a release. She cried out one last time. Her tiny clit twitched like a flickering light. Her liquor ran down her leg like sweet syrup. She was elated!                  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Flash of Light

The rain was pouring down outside. You could hear each drop hitting the roof above. The smell permeated throughout the cabin. The sent of the pine-trees and rain was almost intoxicating to Anita. As they sat there in front of the fire flickering, Aaron reached out and put another log on the fire. Anita reached to him as a flash of lightning hit outside.
"No...let it go out, I love to watch the's best in the dark." she said as a clap of thunder rumbled around them.
Aaron looked @ her w/ a smile, "You are too cute."
"Why? I know what I like."she said."Don't tell me you don't think the rain, lightning and sound of the thunder is sexy!" Anita had to add.
Aaron leaned in and kissed Anita on the forehead. "You're sexy!"
"I know!" Anita blurted.
Aaron giggled and kissed her again. This time Anita couldn't help it she had to, she kissed him back. Aaron welcomed the kiss w/ an open mouth. Their tongues enter twined like two people making love.
Aaron picked her up and carried her into the bedroom down the hall. Plopping her down on the bed he climbed over her, straddling her he unbuttoned her shirt one by one. Reveling her bare breasts. Her pierced nipples were hard as they could get. Aaron bent down and bit each one gently sending chills throughout Anita's body. He then proceeded to unbutton the jeans. He slipped his hands inside her jeans onto her hips and slid them down her thighs and off her legs. Leaving her thong on, he moved up to her neck kissing and nibbling his way to her mouth.
Anita grabbed him and tossed him onto his back as best as she could. Aaron was lying there in shock. "You crazy girl, what are you doing?" Aaron said not expecting her to flip him over as well as she did.
"Shh, you just lay there and let me show you what I got!" Anita ripped off his shirt and pants as quick as she could. Aaron was already hard as a rock by the time Anita could get his whole cock in her mouth. He loved it when she showed dominance. Anita knelt next to him on the bed holding his legs as she bobbed her head up and down on his rod. She couldn't get enough of the salty jizz that dripped from his mushroom tip. It was the greatest taste to her, a pure aphrodisiac.
W/ her ass next to his head, he reached for her shaven pussy and slipped his right middle finger in her tight slit. She was already dripping wet. Plunging his finger in and out of her. He took her leg and lifted it over his head and placed one knee on either side of his head. He pushed on the small of her back lowering her sweet clit onto his mouth. Aaron could feel a tight suck around his cock making him moan immediately. Which made Anita quiver on top of him. W/ every suck of his cock he returned w/ a lick or moan on her pussy. Creating a chain reaction through both of them. There was no light throughout the room only frequent flashes of lightning. That turned Anita on even more.
Before he made Anita cum he flipped her over ass up and breasts down. Aaron knelt behind her ramming his cock into her soft pouch. Anita let out a screech of ecstasy. W/ every jab her screams got louder and more uncontrollable. He hit her deeper and faster w/ each thrust.
"Right there Aaron, baby don't stop!" w/ one good thrust Anita let out a scream...Aaron!!!"
Aaron grabbed Anita's shoulder and pumped one last time releasing his load deep into her dripping pussy. They both fell to the bed and rolled to their backs. They lay there silent. The thunder was the only sound.

Moon Light

The full moon glistened off their naked breasts. Anita’s heart racing with excitement, Rene’ could feel it on her cheek. It was awkward at first because her ebony Great Dane was so intrigued by what was happening he stared intently at them. Anita wanted this moment so bad she didn’t even pay attention. She was so enthralled in Rene’s kiss nothing could have taken this moment from her. Rene’ touched Anita like she had never felt before. For one moment Anita had lost all reality and truth, she couldn’t believe that this was really happening. Her body quivered under Rene’. Rene’s tongue caressed the inside of Anita’s neck. The energy in the room commanding all that was around it.
Rene’ stood to her feet and reached out for Anita’s hand. The stair between them at that moment was so intense. Anita fallowed Rene’ to the bedroom; and at that moment Anita knew her fantasy was going to be genuine. No one could take this from her. She felt so safe in Rene’s embrace, but was still quivering with anticipation. As they lay on Rene’s bed Anita could barely control her desire to ravish her. She had to do everything to not rip all of Rene’s clothes off right then and there. With Rene’s body pressed up against hers Anita grabbed the nape of Rene’s neck to pull her in for a kiss. Their tongues entwined like two hands locked together. Rene’ grabbed Anita’s engorged nipple and placed it in her mouth and sucked gently. It felt so good to Anita. Anita’s hot pussy got much wetter in that moment. The heat radiating from their bodies was so dynamic.
Rene’ grinded her tepid little box on Anita’s leg getting herself sopping wet. Anita was still shuddering under her. She couldn’t stop herself, it was uncontrollable. Anita ran her fingers down Rene’s back, while Rene’s long russet hair swept over Anita’s face. Anita stared into her sweet coffee eyes, drinking her in. Anita was getting so drenched; her own juices began to flow down her inner thigh. Rene slid her pants off and threw them on the floor. The rivets of Anita’s skirt were chafing Rene so she insisted that it come off as well. The pile of clothes lay there on the floor next to Rene’s Great Dane, still watching in awe. Anita grabbed a handful of Rene’s plump ass. Just nicking her color swirled thong. Shortly after, those were off too. Anita was so self conscience about her body and what Rene would think that she could not fully relax. She normally had a tidy shaven twat but had been slacking and surly didn’t want Rene to see it. But when she felt Rene’s long slender fingers enter her hot sex she forgot all about it. She had never had another woman inside her and Rene’ was the only one she would let do so. Anita’s juices streamed down Rene’s fingers.
Rene’ rolled over and pulled Anita to her. With hesitation Anita slid her middle finger into Rene’s sticky sachet. A thunderous moan came from Rene’. That moment was what Anita had been waiting for so long. All she wanted was to hear Rene’ moan and know that she was the one making it happen. Anita sighed with relief and smiled. All of her reservations had been released and she was able to relax. Anita was about to do something she had only fantasized about.
Anita pressed her face between Rene’s thighs and lapped up Rene’s tart liquor. It was so appetizing to her she couldn’t stop. She then slid another finger in and Rene’ whimpered with delight. She stopped Anita and pulled her down hard to her face; their mouths joined in a most passionate kiss. The sparks from their tongues clashing rushed through them. Rene’ then found herself flanked by Anita’s thighs. Her tongue was flickering across Anita’s petite clit. A rush of liquid poured out of Anita’s small package onto Rene’s chin. Rene’ muttered in satisfaction. She worked at Anita’s box for quite awhile. Anita was so apprehensive that she just couldn’t release.
They both needed water and Rene’ had to pee so it was put off. When Rene’ returned a most unique question arose; Rene’ had a strap on and would Anita wear it? It was awkward at first but Anita made it work. Rene’ looked deep into Anita’s chocolate eyes as Anita pushed that cock deep into Rene’s tight pussy. Rene’ turned Anita over and onto her back and gently lowered herself onto her. She road that rigid prick like a pro. Anita took hold of Rene’s flawless breasts in her mouth. Rene’ then flipped herself over and had Anita insert her from behind. The strap-on was not cooperating at this time so Rene’ removed it from its holder and had Anita hand work it in. Rene’ growled with joy as it slid in and out of her sloppy pussy. After awhile Anita threw the rod aside and slipped her fingers in instead. By this time Rene' was so worked up she was going to blow at any moment. Anita told Rene’ to roll to her back. She jabbed at Rene’s snatch with all intent to make her come. Rene’ worked at her own clit as Anita controlled her deep within. Like a clap of lightning the thunder of Rene’s orgasm flowed through her. She saw Angels, Devils and God when she came.